Popular FAQ

1. How can I know how much my order will cost?
Just add items to your Shopping Cart and click Checkout. During checkout your total costs will be calculated in your preferred currency. However, exchange rates are checked and adjusted multiple times during a 24-hour period. So if you leave your Shopping Cart and return later to complete your transaction, the total number may change if the rate of exchange has changed.

2. Which currencies do you accept?
We accept US Dollar.

3. What payment options do you accept?
We accept credit card, paypal and western union. If you choose western union for payment, we will offer you 10% discounts for your order.

4. Who can I contact if I have questions related to my order after I have made a purchase?
You can contact our customer service at: l@gmail.com.

5. Can I change my order information after sending confirmation E-mail?
Yes, all the orders can be changed within 24 hours after your purchase, as we get your confirmation by email.

6. How to cancel my order?
If you do not pay for your order, then do not worry. There are many testing orders at our website every day, we only pay attention to orders which have already been paid.If you have paid for your order,If you contact us within 36 hours after we receive your payment, 70% refund (for example, your total order amount is USD 200, we will refund you USD 140) will get into your account within 3 business days.If you contact us within 72 hours after we receive your payment, 50% refund (for example, your total order amount is USD 200, we will refund you USD 100) will get into your account within 2 business days.We will not cancel your order after 72 hours from the moment we get your payment. Hope you can kindly understand.All Canceled Orders must be done over the email. We will try to work with you on canceled orders. We are an ethical business and will do everything we can to cancel your order without you being obligated to the gown.

7. When can I get my item after ordering?
We will send you an order confirmation email after getting your payment and order for you to re-confirm all your order details, including order style, color, size, shipping details and so on. When we get your confirmation, we will ship your order within 5 days, we will send you tracking number for you to track your order in person.All items are shipped by air express company, Estimate delivery time , an email will reach you when we ship your order for you to track on specific online tracking website.

8. Will I have problem with customs?
We have many years experience in shipping package worldwide. We guarantee that the items will be sent to you directly. We can let our packages pass the customs safely by our special way.

After Sales Questions
1. How to ship back my item?
You have to contact our customer service to get a correct address and return code first. Because we have rights to reject any returned package if there are no return code from our customer service, or if the item is not in the same condition as we have shipped you. And pls ship back by post office otherwise you will be asked for additional taxes.

2. How can I get refund if I have already shipped back my item?
Usually, we need to check your order carefully to see whether it can match our return policy. If it matches, we will tell you how to deal with this matter by email. If we agree to refund, our customer service will email you the amount you will get. Pls be attention that if your order is not in the same condition as we have shipped you before, like having stains on it, you can not get any refund.

3. Do I need to pay for shipping fee if I send the item back to you?
Usually, we need to see whether your order problem correspond with our return policy first. We will pay for any mistakes we make. But if it is not our fault, then we will not pay for it.

4. How I can deal with my item if it is so wrinkled when I received the package?
Actually, it is the responsibility of express company. Since it is the express company who pack and ship your item to your hand. So we strongly suggest our customer open and check the package before signing for it. We will not take any responsibility due to express company’s mistake.

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